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Crown Additions

Many of our clients need hair only in the crown area. A Mirage hair system works by attaching new hair to your scalp or existing hair with a semi-permanent bond, and then cutting the hair so that it blends in undetectably. The seamless combination of a Mirage Hair System with your own hair gives you a totally natural appearance.

Typically our clients wait one to three months between maintenance appointments. At that time the system is removed, inspected and re-attached, all of which takes about an hour. At home, you wash your hair normally. The base of the system allows water and shampoo through to your scalp. You are free to swim or play sports, in fact some of our clients are serious athletes.

Did you know that a hair system (but not a wig) can be considered a medical prosthesis covered by your insurance? We can bill your insurance directly if you wish. A hair system is also tax deductible!

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Free yourself from the unwanted stares and unwelcome comments about your hair. Now everyday can be a good hair day.