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Hair Replacement

What would you like to change about your hair? For many people, the answer is simply to have more of it! Hair loss can be caused by illness, medical treatment, or family genetics, but regardless of the cause, the emotional toll can be devastating.

Mirage Hair Systems has helped many men and women with thin or missing hair get the full head of hair they want. Whether you need full coverage, or just a "topper," all of our options are non-surgical and do not damage your existing hair or scalp.

In this video, Janna Strasheim demonstrates hair replacement and shares her feelings about her work and her clients.

Our expertise comes from years of experience in the industry. We have a variety of sources and methods to suit your lifestyle and your wallet.

If you already wear a hair system you like, we can order your replacements for you and possibly save you money. Call us with the brand name and model number for our price.

Call 541-484-2790 to schedule your consultation with a certified medical hair replacement specialist. This hair and scalp examination is private, without obligation and always completely confidential.

We are now a National Preferred Provider for cranial prosthetics, which allows us to bill your medical insurance directly for your hair system, if you would like. Generally, insurance coverage includes any medical cause for hair loss, such as male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, or chemotherapy.