Alopecia and Cancer Patients

before Hair Support

Many life-saving medical treatments are damaging to the hair and scalp. Cancer patients tell us that sometimes the first question they are asked by friends is "Will you lose your hair?" There is no denying that we care about our hair, even when we face serious illness. While surgical scarring, chemotherapy and radiation can damage the scalp, other chronic conditions like Alopecia also leave patients with bald patches or completely hairless heads.

   At Mirage, we work with oncologists, dermatologists, family doctors and their patients to address these issues and find an appropriate solution for each person.

   Like any medical prosthesis, hair systems can be prescribed by a doctor and paid for by medical insurance. We are a National Preferred Provider for cranial prosthetics, which allows us to bill medical insurance directly for a hair system. Generally, insurance coverage includes any medical cause for hair loss, such as male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, or chemotherapy.